Local Raw Honey for Fall – While it Lasts

comparing difference in spring and fall honey

Well, the local raw honey is probably still available, because it doesn’t seem to last long once we put the word out.

As many of you know, our friend, neighbor, mentor and partner-in-a-few-things, Mr. Sam has 20 or so bee hives. He just started slinging honey from them for the fall. So far, he’s harvested about 16 gallons, or 120 pints. He still has more to do, but what he has already harvested is jarred and ready.

Local raw honey is a wonder product. It has so many health benefits and first aid properties, and it’s an absolute dream to bake with. In our family, we use it in bread recipes, we put it on cuts and scrapes, we seep onions in it as a cough suppressant, we use it as an antibiotic, which was very successful when our youngest contracted impetigo. Although our doctor had prescribed an antibiotic, we weren’t comfortable with the idea of the possible side effects. Honey did the job over the course of a week or so.


Yes, We Do Have Farm Fresh Eggs For Sale

Eggs, we got!

Lots of eggs. About 2 dozen eggs a day! Farm fresh eggs, pasture-raised, and did I mention, we’ve got lots of eggs.

When we moved to our farm, the first animals we added were our laying chickens. We didn’t know anything about chickens, our how to raise them, or their needs. We were such rookies, but we knew 2 things: we wanted to pasture raise our chickens, feeding them naturally as much as possible; and we wanted to be able to move them around instead of raising them in one area.


Sharing with Family and Friends

pastured broiler chicken meal

There is nothing we enjoy as much as having our friends visit us. It gives us a chance to cook and show off share the pasture-raised meats and fresh produce from our farm. And after all, we were foodies before we were ever farmers. To be totally truthful, it’s also a real benefit when our guests pitch in with the chores. What’s repetitive for us is new and exciting for them, and that can be like a breath of fresh air in the midst of our tedious daily work. 

Over the Labor Day weekend, our good friends, Solomon and Kim Jagwe and their children, visited us from Washington DC. Solomon is an artist, whose photographs and graphic design are all over this website, and Kim is a teacher. We did more than our fair share of eating and we (mostly, Dana) spent a whole lot of time preaching about the benefits of pastured pork and chicken.