It’s Spring–And Time for the First Pastured Poultry of the Year

The Sun Rises on the Broiler Chickens

This batch of chickens (75, in all) arrived at the beginning of February. They spent 3 weeks in the brooder and then we moved them out to pasture in their chicken tractor, which we move every day. They’ve been out here since, eating weeds, bugs, and whatever else is available. We ran them over the area that will be our 3 sisters garden to lay down some grade-A fertilizer, and now they’re fertilizing the grapevines for us. They do really good work, as all they do all day is eat, sleep, and fertilize!

This batch was also fed conventional feed. We haven’t found a new provider of organic, soy-free food yet, so we have to make do with what’s available.

They have grown well, though. Check these guys out! We process them the first week of April (starting THIS weekend) so if you want any, let us know. Also, if you want them cut up, instead of whole, let us know early, before we get them in the freezer. You can pick them up fresh on the day of processing or frozen starting a few days after. 

Call or text us at (910) 484-3720 or email us, if you prefer.


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