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pastured broiler chicken meal

There is nothing we enjoy as much as having our friends visit us. It gives us a chance to cook and show off share the pasture-raised meats and fresh produce from our farm. And after all, we were foodies before we were ever farmers. To be totally truthful, it’s also a real benefit when our guests pitch in with the chores. What’s repetitive for us is new and exciting for them, and that can be like a breath of fresh air in the midst of our tedious daily work. 

Over the Labor Day weekend, our good friends, Solomon and Kim Jagwe and their children, visited us from Washington DC. Solomon is an artist, whose photographs and graphic design are all over this website, and Kim is a teacher. We did more than our fair share of eating and we (mostly, Dana) spent a whole lot of time preaching about the benefits of pastured pork and chicken.

washing peppersbutternut squashWhen we weren’t sitting around the kitchen table, we even got some serious harvesting done. Kim was a machine, whether harvesting peppers from the garden (which have pretty much taken over the world,) picking butternut squash or pulling grapes off the vine, she worked until the tubs, buckets and harvesting bags were full.

steam juicing grapes

Steam juicing grapes

Peppers washed, dried, frozen and bagged; grapes picked and juiced, we sat down for a meal, the one shown in the photo banner for this post. Pastured broiler chicken, brined and roasted, homemade potato salad, and fresh lunch-box peppers with ranch dressing. What a great way to enjoy the fruits of our labor! 

Needless to say we were sad to see them depart the next morning, but our hearts were filled with the joy of having spent time in fellowship and talking about the beauty of locally-grown, healthy food and country living. We can’t wait for them to come again.

Hopefully, about the time the fall garden needs harvesting..


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