Yes, We Do Have Farm Fresh Eggs For Sale

Eggs, we got!

Lots of eggs. About 2 dozen eggs a day! Farm fresh eggs, pasture-raised, and did I mention, we’ve got lots of eggs.

When we moved to our farm, the first animals we added were our laying chickens. We didn’t know anything about chickens, our how to raise them, or their needs. We were such rookies, but we knew 2 things: we wanted to pasture raise our chickens, feeding them naturally as much as possible; and we wanted to be able to move them around instead of raising them in one area.

So we found some plans for a movable chicken coop, adapted it to our needs, and went to craigslist (isn’t that where you find anything you need these days?) to find some chickens for sale. We found one ad with fifteen for sale, including an Americana, that laid a pretty blue egg.

“EUREKA!” we all said in unison.

(We didn’t really say that, but we kind of felt that way.) And we went right away to pick them up, loading them into cardboard boxes to move them the 40 miles or so from their house to our farm.

But, you live and learn, don’t you, and we soon realized our coop was a bit too heavy to move as often as we’d like, and that we would have to supplement our chickens’ feed. Pasture-feeding alone was not enough, not with our poor pastures.

Unfortunately, there are no organic feed mills or organic feed available anywhere in Fayetteville, NC. So, we did some searching and found Reedy Fork Organic Farm in Elon, NC, the closest place that we could get organic feed for our laying hens. Reedy Fork has become one of our best partners and suppliers, not just selling us organic, soy-free feed, but also offering advice whenever we’ve asked.

Sometimes, we run out of feed and can’t make it back to Reedy Fork for a little while, so we adjust the best that we can. We’ve also tried making our own feed when we run out of Reedy Fork feed. Honestly, that’s the way we would prefer to do it. But, it’s just too expensive.

A few months after we bought our first hens, we found more chickens to add to our flock, including heritage breed Jersey Giants, Buff Orpingtons, Barred Rocks, and the prettiest chickens you’ve ever seen, the Standard Cochin. We also scored 2 Olive-Eggers and a couple of more Easter-eggers. This edition of laying hens demanded a new coop, and the plans for this one were more realistic, and a lot lighter!

Now, while we’re not old hands at this yet, we’ve learned to breed and hatch our own laying chickens and intend to continue refining our flock to produce the best pastured chickens we can, and the best farm fresh eggs available in Fayetteville, NC.


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